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A Tribute to Robin


All of us at South Downs School of Homeopathy are shocked and united in our mourning for the most lovely Robin Hayfield, Principal of the school, who unexpectedly died peacefully at home in his chair of a heart attack in Cornwall on 4 July 2016. Along with Kathy and Phil, he set up the School in 1997 through which so many students have passed. He was passionate about the college and his students. He was dedicated to healing through a person-centred approach above all else and he had a very special ability that made one feel cared for and in the presence of a benign force in the world - with a dash of impish (yet always gentle) humour thrown in. He has positively influenced many, many people's lives, students and patients alike. The tributes that we have received from past and present students have been overwhelming and universal in their expression of love - a true reflection of the love he gave to the world - so we have posted some below.

Below are just some of the many quotes we have received:

He lived by his beliefs and his principles which were firmly connected to the natural world,  were genuine, kind and gentle. He has greatly influenced my development as a  homeopath and I value this deeply. Robin you were a very special person, I will always remember you and will miss you and our little chats so very much.

Our dearest Robin is still around but simply not in physical form.  I wish for him everything that it greatest and best.  May Light ever be on your path, dear friend of many.  Robin, I said I would meet you in Dryadia (that land about which you wrote so cogently) and I will!  Perhaps we shall all meet you There.

We have just learnt about Robin’s passing. All at the School of Homeopathy  pass on our deepest condolences. A great light in homeopathy and education, may he continue to shine through the School, his teachings and the many students he has inspired. 

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Robin 
I just wanted to send my love & very best wishes to you at this very very sad time X 

As we are/were fiction writers, we shared the same wish to publish, his storyline a deeply felt one bordering on Cornish independence melding with a desire for a far simpler life, a rather childlike view of the world which he often wished could return rather than the cutthroat life which represents modern life and which he felt quite alienated from in many ways. His love of Cornwall was palpable: his home in Rock, his bolthole in the garden where he wrote, his walks, his historical knowledge and so many other facets of life. His disbelief at those who disparaged homeopathy and who he 'fought' in his own inimitable way was at the fore, a deep disappointment felt at people's inability to grasp the finer points of the medical way forward.

He was a  shining light , a source of optimism in our complex often forbidding world ,  a most gentle and understanding  healer and inspiring teacher. I feel privileged to have known him when I was  a student at South Downs  School in what I can only describe as four of the happiest and most enlightening years of my life. 

Robin inspired me 30 yrs ago to train as a homeopath and it was in his bookshop cum clinic that I saw my first patients. Always very encouraging, he was a delightful inspiring man and I will miss him hugely, as many people will.

I need to say what an absolute wonderful and caring man he was.  A complete gem to work with  which I did so on many Wednesday pm shifts over a period of 11 years.. He had an aversion to computers, which added to the camaraderie between  the receptionists and himself.   Robin had his own unique shifts, which dare I say, very much included paper, pen,  and a very human approach to patients and his colleagues, which in this decade is priceless. ...always smiling, always an absolute gentle man.

I have known Robin for over 20 years. He was my mentor in Sunrise clinic in Stoke Newington when I was still a student. He was never judgmental, always kind & encouraging and helped me gain a greater understanding of homoeopathy in a very gentle & generous-minded way. He was a great teacher in the true sense of the word & wished to pass on knowledge without ego. It was in part due to Robin that I remain at Sunrise clinic to this day.
       He was a true Gentleman in the proper sense of the word – a gentle soul and a great Homoeopath. He will be greatly missed at Sunrise clinic and we will endeavour to carry on with the clinic in the same spirit that Robin brought.
Robin was just lovely; very gentle and kind and he always had time for a quick chat during the busy college weekends.  I feel very lucky to have had Robin as a teacher; just so sad that this special person is no longer with us to share his knowledge and wisdom.  RIP Robin xx

Robin was such a wonderful example of how to be kind and gentle in this world. I feel very privileged to have been a student of his and to have had his love and support.

I am heartbroken and utterly devastated at the sudden loss of our lovely Robin. He was the wisest, gentlest, kindest and best of men. A gardener of people helping them to grow and blossom. He has touched so many lives and somehow made the world a brighter and better place just for being in it. It was a privilege to have known and loved him; a man who was and will always be present in our hearts and to me a dear and special friend.

Robin worked at our clinic for many years and even though he left us some years ago, he is remembered with so much love and fondness.  Robin was one of those extraordinary people who seemed to be made up entirely of love.  He gave so much love and kindness and he attracted the love of many because of his kindness and gentleness.  We all feel so blessed to have had Robin in our lives and I will never forget him.  He was one of the most Light filled people I have every had the privilege to meet.

Sad to hear that Robin Hayfield has passed away. He was a wonderful homeopath and teacher who always practiced and taught from the heart ❤️ I feel lucky to have known him.

I am sad beyond words; he was my homoeopath, college lecturer and friend. I spent the most lovely afternoon with him and our friend and fellow Homoeopath Tracy at his home in Rock and here we all are in his beautiful garden. God bless Robin x

Oh I'm so so sad to hear this.... A lovely gentle soul and inspiring college lecturer.... God bless you Robin xxx

I can't quite believe it. I am lost for words. So very lost. God bless him and keep him safe and happy. xI still can't believe that he is no longer with us. I know that I'll always feel grateful that he was there for the 4 years I was at college and will remember our graduation day forever, he was a special man.Robin inspired me 30 yrs ago to train as a homeopath and it was in his bookshop cum clinic that I saw my first patients. Always very encouraging, he was a delightful inspiring man and I will miss him hugely, as many people will.
Just wanted to reach out to you to say how sad and bereft I am about Robin.  I can’t even say it.  I am so upset, heartbroken. He was the kindest loveliest man I have ever met.  You must be devastated too. My love and hugs and anything else I can send to you, comes from me, with love xx  

Very sad about this. He was an amazing teacher that taught from real life experience. I have the honour of being the first person that he ever prescribed a 10M to in his practice. That one prescription saved me and ended the pain. Thank you so much Robin. RIP. X

So sad to hear of the news. Robin once said in a lecture that his goal was always to make every patient that came to him to feel as though he was all theirs for an hour. I think we would all agree that not only did he achieve that within his work, but he gave that to every person he was ever in contact with. A very special, gentle soul who will be missed.Many thanks for letting us know the very sad news about Robin.  He was such a lovely man and an excellent homeopath- the best!  I have missed him since he left the clinic and I can’t quite believe he has passed away so suddenly and far too soon.  Please pass on our condolences to his nearest and dearest.

I'm sad to hear Robin passed away the soul of an angel has been lost. There was no gentler kinder man, he shared his wisdom with so many and healed countless people. He will be missed X

I can't imagine a world without Robin, his kind and gentle presence, unflappable even in the face of a college weekend going upside down, like the time when an April blizzard stopped many students and some lecturers from arriving. And no heating ... Don't worry,  he said, we'll improvise.which we did, and all was well.

Robin was such a fantastic person; so gentle, kind and wise. One of the loveliest people I’ve had the privileged to meet. I’m so thankful for all he taught us and shared with us at college. What a shock to lose him.

I have him in my heart.  He was one of the most exceptional people I have ever met and I shall miss him very deeply.

Truly saddened - he was the gentlest man I had ever come across and so absolutely sincere.

Such a sad loss to this world. He truly was an amazing man, who I called my cuddly uncle, as he has supported me through many journeys in my life following on from college right up until recently. 
A piece  of my heart has gone with him.

Robin was such a kind and gentle man. I remember meeting him on our first day at college and really appreciated the way he made me feel - like I belonged from the start. He believed in each and everyone of us even when we didn't and was sort of man i wish had had as an uncle or God parent whilst I was growing up. Still, I feel lucky to have had him as teacher and friend - even if only for a short while. 


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